Sunday, 1 July 2012

Eldreflower cordial/ Syrup z kvetu cerneho bezu

What you need:
- 30 large south facing full stems of elderflowers
- 2kg/ 4 lbs sugar
- 75gms/ 3oz citric acid (I found this in the health food shop - but had to ask
- grated rind and flesh of 2 lemons
- 1 litre/ 2 pints of water

1. Bring water to the boil and dissolve sugar
2. Pour over elderflowers and add citric acid, grated grind and flesh of lemons
3. Leave 24 hours
4. Strain through jelly bag into bucket and then bottle. Make sure bottles are clean and have screw tops
As easy as that :-) From my favourite ever recipe book!
Makes about 2 litres and should last until next year

Co je potreba:
- 30 velkych kvetu
- 2kg cukru
- 75g kyseliny citronove
- 2 citrony - nastrouhana kura a duznina
- 1 litr vody

1. Vodu privedeme k varu a rozpustime cukr
2. Kvety prelijeme cukrem s vodou a pidame kyselinu citronovou
3. Nechame ulezet 24 hodin
4. Procedime pres plinu a prelijeme do cistych lahvi se sroubovacim uzaverem

Jednoduche a z me nej knizky s recepty
Ziskame asi 2 litry syrupu, ktery by mel vydrzet do pristiho roku.

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