Thursday, 14 July 2011

Poslusne hlasim, ze jsem opet zde - I'm back

It has been a very stressful two weeks. Not sure where to begin... the actual move went quite well - for once we actually paid someone to move it for us and I can say that it has been money 'well' spent. Eliska has settled well into her new school and really likes it there, which is a huge relief to us. Daniel and I are totally exhausted.... have been without a fridge, cooker, d/w and w/machine for about a week and it is all sorted now. And we now also have internet connection, pheeeeew :-D
There is actually more work (decorating wise) than we thought.
I went out last week with the 'new' school mums, as there was a fundraising event for the school and I have sorted out a gas man, an electrician and ABOVE all a driving instructor for myself. So really happy :-)

Byly to velmi stresujuci 2 tydny. Ani nevim, cim zacit. Samotne stehovani probehlo v klidu, tentokrate jsme si zaplatili firmu a musim rict, ze to opravdu 'stalo' za to. Elisce se v nove skole moc libi, a nam rodicum se velmi ulevilo. Ja s Danielem jsme totalne vycerpani... byli jsme tyden bez lednice, sporaku, mycky a pracky, ale uz je vse zapojene a fungujici. A mame i pripojeni k internetu, huraaaa :-)
Co jsme necekali, je to, ze je tu vic prace na baraku.
Minuly tyden se tu poradal vecirek na podporu zdejsi skoly a nasla jsem nam tam plynare, elekrikare a HLAVNE pro sebe instruktorku z autoskoly. Takze spokojenost :-)


  1. I'm so glad the move went well for you. Isn't it a wonderful feeling when the internet is connected ;o)

  2. I can't understand HOW we ever lived without it :-)))